cima revision Study work

CIMA Case study

This exam isn’t for the faint hearted as it’s an essay style exam which is a culmination of the 3 topic areas students have been studying (E, P and F).

CIMA release a pre-seen case study a number of weeks before the exam which gives students some information on what the exam will be based on, however more information is given in the exam which is also needed to form the answers and get the best marks.

This seemed like a very daunting task for me, I was worried that I didn’t go into accounting to write essay questions and was very worried I would fail. Shortly after the exam results are released to my amazement I found out I had won a CIMA prize for coming forth in the world! CIMA classes the top 5 students in each case study as prize winners (my prize was CIMA credit – yey ha!). After that CIMA also announces another 5 students who are commendees which are the students who placed 5-10th.

You may be reading this thinking I am just another Accountancy swat who spends all her free time reading about IRFS 5! However I am here to tell you if I can do it, you most certainly can. Just to give you some background I got in D in my maths GCSE, didn’t go on to do A levels as I pretty much flunked out of 6th form for skiving! Nor would my tutors see me as the most attentive student in class, but somehow I pulled it off!

Keep reading future blog posts where I’ll give you my top tips for passing or even becoming a prize winner in the CIMA case study exams.


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