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How to make the most of your revision time

A blog post to help readers gain more out of revision

We’ve all been there, you have it all planned out in your head that you are going to get through masses of super productive study, then all of a sudden you’re 4 hours in and you’ve had a nap, read every Facebook status over the last 24 hours at least twice, put a photo on InstagramĀ of your cat sitting on your books, but oh wait, you’ve actually only done 10 minutes of work.

There’s nothing wrong with taking breaks from your studying but in order to get the most from your time follow these steps to increase your productivity:

1) Plan your time – yes this might sound a bit dull but a couple of minutes of organisation can give your study time structure which should help you keep focus and get through more work. It doesn’t have to be super detailed but can be something like; 20 minutes to read chapters 1 & 2 then 40 minutes to answer all the related questions.

2) Sit somewhere you won’t get easily distracted. Following on from step 1, if you sit in the living room with the television on you are much more likely to let your work drag out without really achieving much. You are far better having 2 hours good study time then 4 hours where you aren’t really paying attention properly. Mobile phones are the other main distraction, certainly for me anyway. Put them on silent upside down so you don’t feel the need to reply to every text you receive.

3) Have all your equipment next to you neatly set out, you can then grab your calculator whenever it is needed and won’t waste time running around the house looking for it.

3) Allow yourself breaks but don’t allow a 10 minute break to have a cup of tea and a snack turn into an hour of watching “Making a Murder” on Netflix (and lets face it no one can watch only an hour, before you know it you will have binge watched the whole thing!)

4) After a couple of hours study take a longer break. For example if you’ve been working for 4 hours with only a couple of short breaks to make a drink, why not take a walk to the park for half an hour. The fresh air will energise you and wake you up, everyone needs a break if you’ve been working for a number of hours, unless you take a good break your studying will become lower quality.

5) Making notes is an excellent way to remember key points, reading will enable most people to remember small amounts but most people learn much more from actually writing things yourself. Try and ensure any notes you want to go back and read are good quality and if handwritten the writing is neat and legible.

If you follow these steps you should find you will gain much more valuable study from less time.

Do you have anything you find really helps you study? Leave a comment below.


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