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My favourite way to de-stress after revision

I love nothing more than finishing my studies and taking my dog out for a walk to the park, down the beach or even just round the block. Seeing him happy running around allows me to forget my stresses and worries and concentrate on something else for a while.

I strongly suggest that you find something that allows you to relax after studying also. Do you have a favourite hobby perhaps it’s craft making, riding a bike or going for a jog. Ideally you want to have something that takes quite a lot of focus so you can forget about your revision for a while and allow yourself to enjoy the moment without feeling like you should be spending every minute studying.

Allocate yourself some “me time” even during very busy periods to keep your stress levels low but also to enable your brain to function again when study time comes back around. Don’t underestimate how taxing your work can be, we all deserve time for a break.

The only things I would suggest you avoid are anything computer based or sitting on a phone or tablet. Ideally you want to try and give your eyes a rest from looking at the screen. Getting active outside will reduce your anxiety whilst also keeping you fit. I always find when I’m studying my diet is fairly terrible as I eat whatever is quick (usually out of a packet) and rewarding (chocolate!) therefore keeping active stops me from pilling on the pounds on the run up to every exam!

Do you have any top tips to keep yourself relaxed during periods of revision? Leave a comment below.


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