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How to learn quickly from revision

My top ways to revise that will help you learn the most possible in the shortest time:

  1. Practice exam questions – this one is number one as I think it’s the most valuable and most important. I have taken so many exams where the questions that came up were very similar (usually just slightly re-worded). Therefore the more you practice these questions the more likely you will get them correct in your exam.
  2. Flash cards – these are a great way of remembering key things, they are best used for short phrases/calculations. You can also stick them around the house so when you are brushing your teeth in the bathroom you are also subconsciously learning!
  3. Make notes or re-write your lesson notes – most people will learn a lot more from writing something down rather than just reading it. Try and make your notes neat and try wherever possible to add little acronyms, pictures, anything that will help you remember it in the exam.
  4. Read through your tuition books and also do your own research on your exam topics, particularly if there is an area you don’t really understand. The more well-rounded your knowledge of a particular subject the more likely you are to get great marks in your exam.
  5. Look after yourself whilst revising – if you eat well, drink plenty water and get a good night’s sleep this will help you perform better.

I hope these revision techniques will help you in your upcoming exams – I would love to hear how you get on.


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