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How to revise better

How to revise better

1) Give yourself plenty of time to study – ideally months rather than days before the exam. This should help keep you relaxed and focus rather than revising in a panic the night before.

2) Allow yourself a break, however don’t set your target too low. For example don’t take a 20 minute break every 5 minutes!

3) Come up with ways to remember your revision such as acronyms, rhymes or funny images. This is to help jog your memory in the exam.

4) Revise somewhere quiet with no distractions, i.e. turn the television off and move your mobile phone a safe distance away!

5) Do lots of practise exam papers, this will help you learn the kind of questions you will get in the actual exam.

6) Don’t spend more time procrastinating than you do revising, get yourself set up, do a simple plan of attack, and then go!

7) Ensure you are getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation will greatly hamper your ability to learn.

8) Space your practise – your memory can only hold so much information in the longer term. Therefore if you do some practise questions straight after reading your notes you will think you have learned it, but actually it’s just in your short term memory.

Exams are difficult and very stressful but if you prepare you will feel much more confident on the day! Good luck!


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