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How to plan revision

  1. Set up your timetable

A revision timetable is basically just a calendar containing subjects/topics you need to revise on specific days. You could use a paper calendar, or one on your phone or PC.

I find it best to allocate a period of time to each revision session so I know what my target is. If I then stray from this, for example if I take one night off where I should have spent an hour revising, I ensure I make this up either prior to or after. This helps to   motivate yourself not to miss too many nights otherwise you end up doing long revision sessions to catch up.

  1. Prioritise

You may find you are struggling with some topics or have low marks in some areas on practise questions. Prioritise these topics to ensure you to have a better understanding for the exam.  You may also have some subjects you must achieve a certain grade in order to progress to a certain job role or college course, therefore you may decide to prioritise these subjects above others.

Read how to make the most of your revision time

  1. Regular reminders

Don’t just cover an area once and move on, otherwise the material you study first will be a distant memory by the time you come to exams. Ensure you plan time to recover topics to ensure you can still remember these areas.

  1. Revision methods

You may need to plan different methods of study for different topics. This may be flash cards, making notes, watching tuition videos, research etc. Try to make you revision somewhat varied and if you are struggling to remember a particular area; create a rhyme, or anagram to help you remember in the exam. Read how to revise better.


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